How rich is Nigel Farage?


Get your hankies ready, people: Nigel Farage claims he’s the “poorest man in politics”.

On his appearance on Channel 4’s Gogglebox programme, the UKIP leader said, “I don’t think I know anybody in politics as poor as we are.”

On the show, Farage was seen drinking away his sorrows with Dom and Steph Parker. After guzzling down champagne, beer and wine, Farage’s boozy night ended with him falling over and borrowing the host’s trousers.

But just how poor is Farage? Take a look at these photos:

Nigel Farage salary as MEP


Nigel Farage home in Kent


Nigel Farage's chauffeur allowance

Those are Farage’s socks by the way…


Farage EU office allowance


Farage's wife's salary


Farage's EU allowance

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