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Hair transplant costs in Turkey

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14th Nov 22 12:36 pm

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure applied to people who experience hair loss due to health problems, irregular nutrition, wrong hair care, or genetic reasons. It may be used to provide temporary relief. The problem of hair loss stems from various reasons such as various drugs used, genetic structure, and poor or malnutrition results in the weakening of the hair follicles and subsequently complete loss of hair after a certain period. A hair transplant resolves the issue of hair loss caused by many genetic and health reasons. And does the quality of hair transplants have anything to do with the price? How much does a hair transplant cost Turkey? Keep reading to find out!

What is a hair transplant

It’s a type of surgery that moves hair, in which you need to fill an area that is already thin or has no hair. Doctors have been doing these transplants in Turkey for many years, but techniques have improved a lot in recent years. You usually have the procedure in the hospital or hair transplant center. First, the surgeon cleans your scalp. Then he/she injects medicine to numb the back of your head. Your doctor will choose one of two methods for the process: direct hair implantation (DHI) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey

Operations in European countries are very expensive and there is usually a charge per graft. For this reason, it is tough to know if they can afford the hair transplant cost. Many hair transplant centers in Turkey have “All Inclusive” packages. These packages include the necessary medications, all transfers, and many services such as free accommodation. They also have no hidden costs. When such a package is presented, people are sure of the cost. They are not worried. Hair transplantation prices in Turkey are very affordable compared to other European countries. We have compiled for you the hair transplant turkey cost in different European countries.

Types of Hair Transplant Price in Turkey   Price in UK   Price in USA
DHI Hair Transplant €2250 – €4500 £4500 – £15000 $11200 – $16000
FUE Hair Transplant €1500 – €4000 £11090 – £15000 $14000 – $17500
Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant €1000 – €4000 £7000 – £15090 $14900 – $16000

What are the factors affecting hair transplant cost in Turkey

Hair transplantation does not have a certain cost. These costs vary due to different reasons. Because the donor area, the number of grafts, and the type of transplantation used determine how much the cost of a hair transplant will be. Usually, the balding area’s size will affect the hair transplant cost. If you have a large balding area, you may need a more thorough operation. In addition, you may need more grafts (or transplanted hair follicles) to fill the balding area. Therefore, the cost of the transaction will be more. The technique used for the procedure greatly affects the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey. DHI or FUE surgery requires labor. This means that you need an experienced doctor. Your doctor’s experience also affects the cost.

How much do 4000 hair grafts cost

”4000 graft hair transplantation operation in Turkey” is an operation that is especially curious about the cost. Those who experience significant androgenetic alopecia usually have a hair transplant. This method offers natural, reliable, and long-term results. For this reason, hair loss is of more interest than other treatments. The appearance of bald spots or diluted hair due to severe hair loss is eliminated with this treatment. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your hair, 4000 grafts will solve your hair transplantation problem. Also, it can help boost your self-confidence.

Hair transplant cost in AEK Hair Clinic

AEK Hair Clinic, unlike most hair transplant clinics in Turkey, never uses ‘self-employed technicians’. However, hair transplantation costs here are very affordable. If you have a hair transplant in our clinic, you should know that you will have many advantages. For example, while you are here, the only ABHRS-certified plastic surgeon in Turkey will perform the procedure on you. Our doctor serving at AEK Hair Clinic is also the only Turkish plastic surgeon in the world to have gained FISHRS status.

There are very few centers in Turkey that provide quality and trouble-free service for surgical hair loss treatments. AEK Hair Clinic has devoted all its attention to hair restoration surgery and is one of the best hair centers in Turkey. This place was founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz. We have the ability and experience to cope easily with even the most complex hair loss problems in the clinic.

Contact us to get more information about AEK Hair Clinic hair transplant prices and procedures.

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