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Four must-have technologies to make a smart home

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16th Sep 19 12:37 pm

The world is evolving with every new technology. The concept of innovations was once limited to the benefit of just businesses. Today, it’s involved in almost every part of our lives. One of the best personal uses of technology was making smart homes. Everyone wants to live in a house of their dreams. In 2019, that dream includes a house that is smart to enough to make our lifestyle more fun and comfortable. Any ordinary house can be converted into a smart home by making just a few changes. If you also want to live in such a house, here are a few essential technologies that you need to install.

Home wi-fi

Wi-Fi is the most important part to set a smart home. Every house gadget uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and other devices; otherwise, you have to use cables. Wireless reach to the internet makes it easy to operate all devices in the house including TV, mobile phones, and other smart gadgets. Besides, you’ll need to connect your screen to the internet to watch Netflix if you want to make a home cinema.

Home cinema

It’s no longer the age when you had to get into a line to buy tickets for a cinema. Every movie and season can be found on Netflix the day it’s released. Since the small screen of a TV can’t match the experience of a cinema screen, people started making their own cinemas at home. It’s really not that difficult or expensive as one might think. Moreover, it also adds to the beauty of your house.

The only big expense you have to bear is of the large screen. Instead of buying a small LCD, get yourself a big screen and set it on a wall in your drawing room. A cheaper alternative is to get a projector, but it won’t provide as HD result as an LCD. Set the right lights with comfortable sofas and you have a home cinema.

Multi-Room music systems

It may not sound imperative, but it’s usually the top priority of every youngster. No matter what movie or music you play, it’s not as fun when the sound comes only from one direction. That’s why people install multi-room music systems in their house. You get a more realistic experience when the sound comes from multiple directions. Custom Controls offers integrated audio-video systems and many other technologies to make a smart home. You can install it all around one room or in every room and connect them to your TV. You won’t miss a thing even if you have to leave the room while watching a show.


A smart house must always keep the temperature exactly as you like. You shouldn’t have to turn on the air conditioner or a heater to get the right room temperature. A thermostat will turn on the cooling or heat to ensure you are always comfortable. Many thermostats can be controlled remotely. This allows you to set the temperature of your house before you enter the house.

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