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Female business leaders not recognised by Google

by LLB Reporter
22nd Jul 19 10:09 am

New global data from Google Images has revealed that women are being severely underrepresented in senior management roles when compared to the number of women who actually occupy those roles in real life.

The analysis, which was conducted by global business data provider Creditsafe, wanted to replicate a standard first impression for a search engine results page and looked at the top 25 Google Image results for the search term ‘CEO’ in 15 countries to see how many times women were shown.

According to statistics from the International Labour Organisation, women represent an average of 31.3% of the world’s senior business leaders, though just 11.9% of Google Images results for the search ‘CEO’ were of women.

Colombia was revealed to be the country with the largest discrepancy between the Google representation (0%) with the country’s actual percentage of women in managerial roles (53.1%). Russia, Norway, Mexico and Japan were the only other countries to have no female representation in their top 25 Google Images results.

On the other hand, Canada was the only country in this analysis to have a higher percentage of women in it’s Google Images than in real life (up by 2.68%). The United Arab Emirates (UAE) depicted the truest representation out of all countries referenced in the research, however, this was reliant on the region only having 10% of women in senior managerial positions.

The following table orders the 15 countries by the discrepancy in the percentage of female management in real life compared to how Google’s search results:

Country Male Female Google % Real Life % Discrepancy
Colombia 25 0 0 53.1 53.1
Russia 25 0 0 39.1 39.1
Brazil 24 1 4.16 37.3 33.13
Norway 25 0 0 32.2 32.2
Mexico 25 0 0 32.1 32.1
Netherlands 24 1 4.16 29 24.83
USA 20 5 25 42.7 17.7
UK 21 4 19.04 34.2 15.15
Japan 25 0 0 11.1 11.1
New Zealand 19 6 31.57 40 8.42
Malta 21 4 19.04 27 7.95
South Africa 20 5 25 31.3 6.3
India 24 1 4.16 7 2.83
UAE 23 2 8.69 10 1.30
Canada 18 7 38.88 36.2 -2.68


Commenting on the results, Carys Hughes, CFO at Creditsafe said, “Google collects images from sites across the web and shows an aggregation to users. If we want to change this, we need to ensure women are being represented accurately in our media, as well as our boardrooms.

“Data accuracy is crucial to our performance as an international business intelligence supplier. It allows our customers to make informed decisions to help grow their organisations and we think it’s astounding that the statistics are so far from reality in most countries around the world. Our analysis has revealed that once again a source such as Google is not always the most accurate and whatever we are researching always needs to be backed up with accurate and up-to-date information”

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