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Google search volumes show huge shift to online marketing

by LLB Reporter
7th Apr 21 12:21 pm

There has been an increase in searches for video marketing terms in the past year, showing that businesses are shifting a lot of their marketing efforts to online, according to Aura Ads.

Google search data shows that there’s been a 242% increase for the term ‘video marketing services’ when comparing March 2020 to February 2021.

‘Online advertising agencies’ has also seen a 188% increase when comparing this March to last March, as well as a 120% increase for ‘ecommerce video marketing’.

There have also been more searches for specific social media platform advertising too. These include:

  • Tiktok marketing agency – Increasing by 500%
  • Instagram marketing services – Increasing by 2700%
  • Facebook marketing services – Increasing by 250%
  • Youtube marketing services – Increasing by 120%

However, there have also been some decreases for non-digital forms of advertising. The search for ‘magazine advertising space’ has decreased by 63%, while ‘billboard adverts’ has also decreased by 37%.

Ryan Walton, Founder of Aura Ads said, “As a result, paid social became much more of a focus for eCom brands, so we knew eCommerce marketing would be in high demand, and the Google search volumes reflect that.

Those that were nervous about purchasing online previously have now had to make it part of their everyday life, so we expect online shopping to continue to rise, even when the lockdowns are over. This trend was always going to come, but the pandemic has just made the shift from in-person shopping and advertising to online shopping and advertising happen at a faster pace.”

According to a report by Ofcom, users of social media have been spending 36% more on their favourite social media platforms, with 18–24-year-olds spending the most time on social media at around five hours per day on their favourite social media sites.

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