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Defence Minister warns ‘there could be a war in Sweden’ as they are facing a ‘very serious situation’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
9th Jan 24 2:31 pm

The Swedish Defence Minister has warned that they are in a “very serious situation” has told citizens to prepare for war.

Sweden are to join NATO later this year amid Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine and citizens are being urged to prepare for potential conflict with Russia.

Civil Defence Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin raised concerns over the country’s lack of modernising the civil defence system, and he has called on all areas of society for rapid action.

He then warned that Ukraine is facing a full blown Russian invasion and praised their “resilience” and said that Sweden must do the same.

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Commander-in-Chief Micael Byden also told citizens that they must mentally prepare for conflict with Russia.

Byden warned, “This is a very serious situation, and the clarity yesterday was unmistakable. It is now about moving from words and understanding to action.”

Sweden will build on their security and defences and Byden highlighted the importance of joining NATO quickly.

He added, “Hope is not a strategy on which to build plans, but hope must be there. It’s not all doom and gloom.”

He continued, “Look at the news from Ukraine and ask yourself the simple questions: If this happens here, am I prepared? What should I do?

“The more people who have thought, considered and prepared, the stronger our society will be.”

On 29 December a Dutch army chief has told his army they must prepare for war as “Russia is getting stronger” and has warned his counterparts they need to get ready.

Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen told the EU that they need to prepare the Netherlands for war against Vladimir Putin and his forces.

He then warned that the Netherlands should be “afraid of war” and must prepare as Russian forces are just 1,500 kilometers away.

Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen spoke to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, he warned, “The Netherlands should be seriously afraid of war, and our society should prepare for it… Russia is getting stronger.”

He added, “The Netherlands should not think our safety is guaranteed because we are 1,500 kilometers away [from Russians].”

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