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Russia using a new drone fitted with a Chinese jet engine allegedly shot down over Ukraine

9th Jan 24 1:31 pm

Russia are using a new drone that is fitted with a Chinese jet engine and can travel 500 Kph which was reportedly shot down over Ukraine.

A serviceman claimed the shooting down of the new Russian drone, however the Ukrainian Air Force has not confirmed this.

The Ukrainian soldier, Serhiy Beskrestnov operates under the call sign “Flash” reported the incident on social media.

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He wrote on Telegram, “I did not think that they would appear in us so quickly. It was recently exhibited by Iran for the first time.”

Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Colonel Yuriy Ihnat said on Tuesday that they are unable to confirm the downing of the Shahed-238 drone.

Col. Ihnat said, “I can’t confirm. We didn’t find it. Whoever found it, let him confirm, show and tell,” he added that the jet variant a “mini cruise missile” due to its speed, the Kyiv Post reported.

Beskrestnov said that it is possible to down these drones, but a man-portable aid defence systems (MANPADS) are needed, such as a Stinger missile and not anti-aircraft guns due to the speed of the Shaheds.

Beskrestnov said the Shahed-238 drone is “no super weapon of the Reich,” he then informed Ukrainians to listen out for the “sound of an airplane” over their heads as well as the “moped” sounding Shaheds.

Previously the Kyiv Post reported that Russian Major General Vladimir Popov had warned in December to deploy the new drones.

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