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Climate protesters plan mass picnic on Westway road on Monday

by LLB Reporter
20th Apr 19 1:40 pm

So far in the last six days there have been 715 arrests and 28 people charged over Extinction Rebellion protests across London.

The Metropolitan Police said on Saturday morning, with the huge numbers of arrests this, “places a logistical problem on, and not just, the police service for cell space but also the wider criminal justice system.

“One thing that is unusual about this demonstration is the willingness of those participating to be arrested and also their lack of resistance to the arrests.”

Now the activists are planning a mass picnic on Westway road near to Edgware Road Tube Station, and motorways which cause even more chaos.

The police said in a further warning to those on Waterloo Bridge, “We continue to liaise with the protesters – if you want to protest go to Marble Arch.

“There are conditions imposed on the other locations and you will be arrested.”

Protestors have been warned by the police but are clearly unfazed by being arrested or even going to jail, thus putting even more strain on the police.

On Friday Dame Emma Thompson accused the police of wasting taxpayer’s money, as they are attempting to stop the protests.

Dame Emma said speaking from the pink boat on Friday, “We didn’t ask for police resources, that is their decision. It’s not like we are burning things down.

“The police turned up because they have been asked to turn up. They decided to spend their money in this way, which I personally think is a waste of taxpayers’ money. We aren’t doing anything violent.”

She added that it was ‘nonsensical’ to blame her and Extinction Rebellion for diverting police resources from tackling violent crime in the capital.

Whilst being surrounded by a heavy police presence she said, “It is not my problem, it is their problem”

‘It is the problem of government, so don’t hand it back to me because I have dealt with this for decades.

“What this is about is a government that would prefer not to listen, who would prefer to put entirely peaceful protesters into a f****** police cell instead of doing what they promised to do for decades. They are liars and hypocrites.”

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