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Brexit: UK needs to leave EU or risk economy sinking further

21st May 20 4:38 pm

The Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice has warned the UK needs a swift exit from the EU over fears the continued membership with an extension, will cripple Britain’s economic recovery.

He said the EU’s state aid rules will block the UK government from taking fast action in rescuing the economy.

Tice told Julia Hartley-Brewer in an interview with Talk Radio that Barnier has “met his match” with the UK’s chief negotiator, David Frost.

Praising Frost, Tice said, “David Frost is my new civil servant best friend.

“We think he is doing an excellent job and his letter to Barnier yesterday was very fair and reasonable.”

He tweeted on Wednesday that the letter to Barnier was an “utterly forensic destruction of outrageous EU negotiating demands for a UK deal.”

Tice said the coronavirus pandemic that has ripped through Europe demonstrates, “the importance of being an independent self-governing nation so you can make rapid decisions to suit your nation’s needs”.

Tice added, “We will need to make some very rapid, big economic decisions that we couldn’t do if we were a member of the EU because of state aid rules.

“I don’t think there will be an extension to the transition because it is stated in our law that we cannot extend.

“People would have to go back to Parliament to undo that law and I can’t see Conservative MPs going through with that.”

Currently the UK is legally bound to contribute the huge EU bailout, France and Germany are proposing £448bn EU recovery fund.

The EU economy is predicted to shrink by 7.5% this year due to the pandemic.

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