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Boris warns tiers ‘about to get tougher’ with fears of Tier 5 lockdown

3rd Jan 21 11:47 am

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned on Sunday that restrictions across England are “probably going to tougher” as infections rates are now the highest ever recorded.

He told the BBC that regional restrictions could be required within weeks and said that Ministers must be “realistic” over the soaring spread rate of the new mutant variant.

Speaking on the BBC Andrew Marr programme on Sunday morning he said restrictions might be coming in the “weeks ahead,” refused to comment over the prospect of Tier 5 being introduced.

Johnson told Marr, “If you want to stop coronavirus spreading, then of course it’s open to you or to any government to close down the entire economy for the duration.

“If you look at all these examples of firebreaks or circuit-breakers, all they do is buy you some temporary respite.”

The Prime Minister added that the government are “entirely reconciled to doing what it takes to get the virus down,” and said there will be a “tough period ahead.”

The vaccination process will be the only way out of the pandemic and Johnson hopes that “tens of millions” will vaccinated over the next three months.

This comes after a  government medical advisor has said it is likely the whole of England will be plunged into a full national lockdown by the end of January.

Dr Mike Tildesley who is a member of a committee who advise The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), has warned that the government are likely to impose further restrictions.

Dr Tildesley who also sits on the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (SPI-M), told BBC Radio 4 today, “Cases are rising in a really concerning way, so I suspect that unfortunately we will see a ramping-up even further of restrictions, probably more of the country being in Tier 4 or ultimately probably a national lockdown before we get to the end of January.”

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