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Boris Johnson warned he is ‘on notice’ and the ‘jury is very much out’ as his political fate rests with Sue Gray’s report

13th Jan 22 3:44 pm

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been warned on Thursday that he is “on notice” over the Downing Street Jamboree.

Johnson’s political fate depends on the senior civil servant, Sue Gray’s report which is expected within days over a series of alleged parties including the 20 May 2020 shindig to which he admits attending for 25 minutes to thank staff.

Jake Berry, chairman of the Northern Research Group of MPs has defended the Prime Minister, but also admitted his future rests on the Gray report, but also said the report may well not find Johnson did not break any rules of the May gathering.

Berry told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, “I know the Prime Minister extremely well, I’m often quite critical of him, but I do think if you look at his demeanour in the House of Commons yesterday, if you look at what he said, it was a very contrite, a very heartfelt apology.

“It was absolutely the right thing to do and to some extent that does enable him to keep leading our country while we wait for Sue Gray’s report.”

However, another Tory MP said the Prime Minister’s job was under “very serious threat.”

He added, “He is absolutely on notice.”

Veteran Conservative MP Sir Christopher Chope doubts very much that the Conservative Party is currently in a “forgiving mood.”

However, this could change very quickly should the Gray report come up “with something which is supportive of the Prime Minister.”

He added on LBC Radio, “In evaluating forgiveness people will be taking into account Boris being a proven electoral winner, he’s obviously a very intelligent man but his weakness has often been that he is lazy and I expect that on this occasion he was rather lazy about thinking what the implications might be.”

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis told Sky News, “The Prime Minister has outlined that he doesn’t believe that he has done anything outside the rules.

“If you look at what the investigation finds, people will be able to take their own view of that at the time.”

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