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Boris Johnson could ‘make a dramatic comeback as Churchill did’ once Labour takes power

by LLB political Reporter
8th Jul 22 11:24 am

Boris Johnson could make a “dramatic comeback” as the former Transport Secretary Mary Creagh has revealed how he could do this.

Creagh has said that Johnson will wait until the Labour Party takes power then it is most likely he will throw his hat in the ring for the premiership.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Creagh said, “So, I think Johnson has an eye on history and his great hero is Churchill.

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“He said he wants to stay on. Now that might be for personal circumstances or financial circumstances.

“But I think also he has an eye on a comeback. I think he’s waiting for the next person – whoever it is – out of these, a couple of dozen people, the wannabes, that want to come in now.

“He’s waiting for them to come in, to lose the next election for Labour to be in power. And then he will make a dramatic comeback as Churchill did.”

Ian Dale said to Creagh’s theory, “Are you about to write a political novel or something? I mean, it’s preposterous.”

Creagh replied, “That’s what happened to Churchill.”

Dale was asked whether Boris Johnson is done, he said, “Boris Johnson won’t be standing at the next election.

“So, he won’t be an MP after the next election.

“And even if he does that, he’s in the kind of seat that probably will go Labour at the next election anyway.”

He added, “So, he won’t be in Parliament.

“If the next Tory leader fails, he wouldn’t be there to take over. I think that’s a complete flight of fancy.”

Creagh interjected and told Dale, “He’s had more political rebounds as Mayor of London, you know.

“He’s the great survivor.

“Where there’s a will., there’s a way.

“I would not rule anything out.”

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