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Boris Johnson has not ‘actually resigned’ by exploiting a legal loophole which will not be for the ‘wellbeing of the country’

7th Jul 22 4:09 pm

The Prime Minister made an announcement today tendering his resignation, a commentators have been quick to argue that Boris Johnson is indeed “playing for time” to stay in power.

The Conservative Party has been warned to “evict today” or face “carnage” because he “doesn’t believe it’s over,” and it is not, far from.

The former Prime Minster Sir John Major has also warned on Thursday to keep Boris Johnson in Downing Street for the next few months is “unwise and maybe unsustainable.”

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Sir John said in a letter to the 1922 Committee that the Prime Minister must not stay in Downing Street for the “wellbeing of the country.”

But Johnson could have found a legal loop hole which will allow him to remain in No.10 Downing Street.

Commentator Catherine Philp cleverly pointed out, “I hate to point this out but if Boris hasn’t been to the Queen he hasn’t actually resigned.”

It is also very doubtful the Prime Minister will go to Buckingham Palace on Thursday as Johnson is set to hold a meeting of his new Cabinet this afternoon setting out new rules.

Sir John wrote to Sir Graham Brady chair of the 1922 Committee, “In such a circumstance, the prime minister maintains the power of patronage and, of even greater concern, the power to make decisions, which will affect the lives of those within all four nations of the United Kingdom and further afield.”

It has been suggested that either the Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab steps in at the helm or the 1922 Committee arranges a new leader.

However, to conclude Sir John said, “Neither of these options is ideal, but the interests of the country must be given priority over all else and, with so many long-term and critical issues before us, an imaginative response – even at the risk of some bruised feelings within the party – is most definitely in the national interest.

“In view of the wide and national concern over this matter, I am releasing this letter to the media.”

After Johnson’s resignation he was accused of blaming “everyone else” for his demise playing the “real victim” and setting “up betrayal stories.”

Johnson’s former adviser, Dominic Cummings warned that it is not “over,” he added, “I know that guy and I’m telling you – he doesn’t think it’s over.”

“He’s thinking ‘there’s a war, weird s*** happens in a war, play for time play for time, I can still get out of this, I got a mandate, members love me, get to September’.”

Ahead of Johnson’s speech, Cummings warned on Twitter, “Cabinet ministers should talk to Brady this a.m, agree Raab as interim PM, then speak to Cabinet Secretary and get him to fix with Palace…”

He added, “Evict TODAY or he’ll cause CARNAGE, even now he’s playing for time & will try to stay.

“No ‘dignity’, no ‘interim while leadership contest’.

“Raab should be interim PM by evening.”

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