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Boris arrives back in the UK and Labour warns ‘we’re headed for a full-blown crisis’ if he makes a comeback

22nd Oct 22 12:33 pm

Boris Johnson has returned back to the UK from his holiday in the Dominican Republic with his family as he landed at Gatwick Airport on Saturday morning.

Johnson’s allies have said that he is “up for it” to enter the leadership challenge to become Prime Minister again.

However, this has been met with much criticism from opposition parties including Johnson’s former Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab with him saying “we cannot go backwards.”

Raab pointed out that Johnson still faces an investigation over his actions with partygate.

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Raab told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, “I stood by Boris, I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I think he can make a return to frontline politics and I like him personally.

“The challenge is this Committee on Privileges and Standards is entering a new phase, there’s going to be oral testimony from people from Number 10.

“He’s going to have to give oral testimony and I just can’t see in practice how the new prime minister, in office latest next Friday, could give the country the attention, the focus that it needs and at the same time be giving testimony and be answering all of those questions. So I don’t say it with any relish. I’m sad about that situation.

“We cannot go backwards. We cannot have another episode of the Groundhog Day, of the soap opera of partygate.

“We must get the country and the government moving forward.”

Labour’s Daniel Johnson however also decried the return of Johnson and said that a general election “may be necessitated by events.”

He told BBC Radio Scotland, “With Boris Johnson I think we’re headed for a full-blown crisis.

“It’s not just the Labour Party saying that is unacceptable, plenty of their MPs are saying it would be unacceptable and they would quit.”

The Labour MSP added, “The country’s paralysed.

“I think we may very well end up in the situation where a general election is inevitable, in fact it is required to cut through the complete chaos that is at the heart of the UK Government because of the Conservative Party.

“I think we are going to have a general election, it’s a question of when, and I think it may be necessitated by events.”

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