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An influencer’s guide to mastering social media presence

by Accountants for Influencers
19th Dec 19 11:38 am

It’s a tough world for influencers, especially these days as more and more show up everyday. The decisions you make in the early days make a huge difference to your later success.With that in mind, this guide can help you with some of those important moves to increase your chances in a world of tough competition.

Utilise other influencers

As much as you’d love to be the only one in existence, influencer competition is absolutely huge, no matter what brand you’re working on. Many make the mistake of ignoring other influencers and trying instead to be the most popular, but this is quite an expensive mistake. Instead, find those which are similar to you, and those who have the sort of audience that you would want for yourself, and make yourself seen!

Follow their followers, read their posts properly and use other influencers’ experience to help you on your own social media journey. You could even reach out and collaborate, if you can find a good reason to. Co-existing with the competition, and learning from those with more experience, is the key to success in the long run.

Social media account maintenance

It’s worth noting that social media maintenance is often overlooked because it’s time consuming and boring. But it’s also a free way to keep yourself visible on social media, and ultimately promote yourself on your chosen platforms. Whether this is Instagram, Facebook or another platform, you will benefit from an hour a day of maintaining your visibility. Liking the right posts, commenting, tagging the right people, all contributes to your overall presence.

Top tip – if you are using Facebook, join as many closed groups as you can find which your audience will be using, and interact! Ask questions, answer questions, share wisdom, and generally be around. It takes time but it’s worth it.

Know your audience (don’t guess!)

This may be something you’ve heard time and time again, but so many influencers fail to take it on board. What does it mean to know your audience? How can you be sure that you know them, and that you are appealing to their interests? It’s the biggest puzzle for any influencer and the answer is not available overnight. Spend time on the accounts of your audience and take note of who they are following. The more you know about what they want to see, the more you can appeal to them directly and the more you can create content that they want to see.

Be yourself

Influencer marketing is a cut throat industry, and you’ll know yourself how it’s littered with false imagery and nonsense. You can really stand out from the crowd with one simple trick – and that’s rising above the crowd with authenticity. Be yourself! Allow yourself to be seen inyour everyday clothes, doing everyday things.

Of course, your image depends on your brand and the style you are creating, but even the most fashionable brands welcome a bit of humanity every now and then. Be you, you might be surprised by the effect.

Get an influencer-experienced accountant

This is a major part of success for any influencer. It may come as a surprise, but not just any accountant will be able to help you and your business, especially if you experience fast growth, which happens a lot in this line of work. On the same note, it’s not unheard of to experience big drops in income or engagement, for numerous reasons outside of your control. Getting experienced ​accountants for influencers​, who know how to deal with your specific industry, can make the difference between success and failure, especially long term.

So there you have it! Mastering your social media presence is a lot more than just posting colourful content. It’s a tough game, but you can win it if you play it right. Good luck!

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