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Air raid sirens heard in NATO country after a violation of their ‘airspace’

by LLB political Reporter
30th Sep 23 11:47 am

Romania has reported a violation of their airspace on Saturday following overnight Russian drone attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

Vladimir Putin has ramped up attacks on Odesa and the Mykolaiv regions where the grain infrastructure is located.

Romania who are a member of NATO said the military’s “radar surveillance systems” detected Russian drones heading towards the coastal city of Galati which is a port town on the Danube River.

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Residents in the cities of Tulcea and Galati were alerted by air raid sirens overnight by the Romanian Defence Ministry.

In a statement the Ministry said, “Following the detection of groups of drones heading towards Ukrainian territory near the Romanian border.”

“The radar surveillance system … indicated possible unauthorised entry into national airspace, with a signal detected on a route towards the municipality of Galati,” they added.

The Defence Ministry said that it appears no objects have fallen on Romanian territory, but authorities will continue a search operation.

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