Home Business News A ‘$600 Ukrainian drone’ causes a blackout in Russia and can ‘destroy a tank worth a couple of million dollars’

A ‘$600 Ukrainian drone’ causes a blackout in Russia and can ‘destroy a tank worth a couple of million dollars’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
29th Sep 23 1:37 pm

Overnight a Russian city was plunged into darkness after 11 drone attacks in a large offensive over the Kursk region.

The Russian Defence Ministry labelled this as a “terrorist attacks carried out by aircraft-type UAVs” on Friday.

The Ministry claimed that one drone was “shot down” over Kaluga and ten others were also downed in the Kursk region.

Roman Starovoit, the governor of Kursk, said that one of the Ukrainian drones dropped “two explosive devices on a substation” in the Belaya settlement of the Belovsky district.

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The UAV attacks ended with a transformer catching on fire followed by black outs that affected five areas including a hospital in the region.

The Ukrainian Security Service confirmed that Kyiv was behind the drone attacks on an electrical substation in the Kursk region.

The Security Service told CNN the substation was targeted because it provide power to Russian military facilities.

Kyiv has said that they will continue to respond in kind to Russia’s bombardment of Ukrainian infrastructure.

Ukrainian kamikaze drones are being used across all areas of the frontlines including deep inside the Russian Federation.

The drones are crowdfunded and are “cheap” but they are destroying millions of pounds worth of Vladimir Putin’s tanks and other military hardware.

Taras Chmut, a 30-year-old former marine turned director of Come Back Alive, said that in just three days of the crowdfunding they raised a staggering $6.3 million and purchased 10,000 kamikaze drones for the battlefield.

He told The Times, “A $600 drone can destroy a tank worth a couple of million dollars. Expensive machinery in a war is not as effective as it used to be.”

He added, “Everything indicates that this will be a long conflict.

“You will never know how the fight goes until you start fighting. I understand that.

“If you generalise, the West watches our war as a kind of a TV show, and, as with a decent TV series, nobody wants it to end.

“So the machinery, armour, and support we get given are enough for us not to lose. But it is absolutely not enough for us to win.”

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