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2,000-year old ‘fast food’ counter unearthed in Pompeii

by LLB Reporter
1st Apr 19 10:59 am

Archaeologists in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii have discovered a “fast food” counter remarkably well preserved.

Pompeii was an ancient Roman city near modern Naples in the Campania region of Italy

The fast food counters were called, frescoed thermopolium’s and was found in Regio V located in the north of the old city.


Massimo Ossana, the site’s general director shared the 2,000-year old image on Instagram.

There was around 150 of these popular counters spread across the city, before the fatal volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 that killed around 2,000 people that were buried under scolding hot ash.

Volcanic ash buried the unfortunate inhabitants who had no chance of leaving, leaving largely preserved entombed bodies that can still be seen today.

The fast food counters sold coarse bread with salty fish, baked cheese and lentils along with drinks.

The doomed Roman city of Pompeii was found in the 16th century, excavations began in 1748 and still continue today.

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