You're fired! Pope sacks all board members of Vatican's financial watchdog


In classic Alan Sugar-style, Pope Francis has fired the entire board of the Vatican’s financial regulator.

The move comes in the wake of a corruption scandal where senior clerics were allegedly trying to move €20m illegally from Switzerland.

Created in 2010, the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority aims to fight money laundering and bring the Vatican into compliance with international standards.

The new directors appointed include:

  • Juan Zarate, a former national security adviser to US President George Bush
  • Joseph Pillay, a civil servant and adviser to the president of Singapore
  • Maria Bianca Farina, an executive at the Italian postal service
  • Marc Odendall, a Swiss financial consultant

“The key is trying to avoid that there are more of them [financial scandals],” Pope Francis told the media in May.

“Economic administration calls for honesty and transparency.”

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