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Winter won’t stop counteroffensive and Western heavy artillery is giving Russia ‘hell’ on the front

by LLB staff reporter
23rd Sep 23 12:51 pm

Winter is fast approaching along Ukraine’s frontlines but this will not “heavily influence the counteroffensive.”

The deployment of heavy weaponry provided by NATO and their allies is giving Russian forces “hell” on the front in Bakhmut.

CNN reported that Commander General Oleksandr Tarnavsky said winter will not hinder the Ukrainian counteroffensive, because most military advances are now taking place on foot.

He said, “The weather can be a serious obstacle during advance, but considering how we move forward, mostly without vehicles, I don’t think [the weather] will heavily influence the counteroffensive.”

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Intense rains in the fall can make the ground in Ukraine soggy and make movement with heavy machinery, like tanks, more difficult, but Ukraine’s forces move in small groups, mostly on foot,” Tarnavsky added.

Heavy weaponry is being used intensely on the battlefield on the outskirts of Bakhmut, which was seized by Russia in May.

Ukrainian forces are inflicting significant damage on enemy lines, according to Ukrainian commanders who told Reuters news agency.

Ukrainian troops have hailed the importance of 155-millimetre howitzers supplied by the US and its NATO allies after the successful capture of the crucial village of Klishchiivka last week which saw many Russians killed.

Unit commander Oleksandr described the key role that heavy artillery plays for Ukrainian forces.

Oleksandr said that the Polish-manufactured Krab gun and the US-made M109 self-propelled howitzer are key pieces on the battlefield.

He said, “Even one gun can completely turn the situation around. An attack can be stopped with one such gun.

“The main thing is to aim where needed. They (Russians) hate our hardware.

“That’s what we gather from our intercepts. We hear that we keep giving them hell and they keep wondering how much ammunition we have left.”

Oleksandr added, “We will see what’s next. We will develop our success.”

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