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US to give Kyiv ATACMS which signals the end of Putin’s reign in Crimea that could spark an ‘apocalypse’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
23rd Sep 23 11:53 am

The US President Joe Biden has made a major U-turn and will send the deadly Army Tactical Missiles System (ATACMS) which are long-range missiles known as the “wonder weapon.”

This will be a devastating blow for Vladimir Putin and his forces which have the ability to hit any target in Crimea.

The Kerch bridge which joins Russia to Crimea will be high on the list of the ATACMS targets as it is used for troop movements and supplies which are sent to Putin’s forces on the front.

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Other targets will most likely involve railways, main supply routes, command and control locations, field military headquarters, logistic hubs, communication posts and bridges as the ATACMS can strike targets with precision as far away as 180 miles.

Last month Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, warned of an “apocalypse” if Ukrainian forces keep attacking Crimea.

The Biden administration have moved on their position in sending the “wonder weapon” after being accused by Western nations of acting too slow which is helping to pro-long the war.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky was in the US for talks with President Biden to discuss further military aid packages.

The former advisor to Ukraine’s Parliament, Mykola Volkivskyi was also in Washington and during talks with his counterparts he said that ATACMS missile systems are “crucial” in their war efforts.

Volkivskyi told the Daily Express US, “It is clear that the supply of weapons and an increase in their number will be the number one topic of the talks. I think that a new military aid package will be announced following the meeting.

“Announcements on ATACMS may come at the talks. I think Zelensky has every opportunity to convince Biden to hand over the missiles by showing him the course of events on the Ukrainian front.”

President Zelensky said, “Ukraine will be able to produce, in particular, anti-aircraft defence,” and stressed they need to have the self-sufficiency in defence production.

He added, “We are preparing to create a new defence ecosystem together with the United States to produce weapons to further strengthen freedom and protection of life together.

Medvedev worte on Telegram in August, “Ukrainian criminals announced that they received approval for any strikes throughout Russia, ‘for example, [to attack – ed.] Crimea.’

“If this is true (and there is no reason to doubt it now), then this is direct, legally significant evidence of the West’s complicity in the war against Russia on the side of Stepan Bandera’s state [Stepan Bandera was a leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, whom the Russians are afraid of – ed.].

“Sophisticated casus belli, and the opportunity for Russia to act within the jus ad bellum against everyone and everything in the NATO countries.

“Sad, unfortunately. The prophecies of the Apocalypse are getting closer.”

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