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What is agile coaching?

by John Saunders
17th Aug 21 10:32 am

This is the adoption of methods that are characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work. Agile coaching  is accompanied by frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans. Agile coaches adopt supple practices and methods while embedding agile values and mindsets.

It has a specific focus that requires competency and experience. The level of competency in agile coaching is greater than that of traditional methods of coaching.

Agile coaching competency framework

This framework is divided into two methods. The agile team coaching competency framework focuses on embedding agility at the individual team level. It develops dexterity at the ‘make’ or ‘build’ level. On the other hand, the agile enterprise coaching competency framework focuses on creating an organization where every part is approached with greater strength in mind.

Agile coaching syllabus

This is a six-week course that covers the key concepts of an agile mindset. It explains how software development was treated the same way as manufacturing. This was before developers started thinking up lightweight approaches to deliver software. The syllabus wraps up by expanding foundational concepts of the agile manifesto.

Firstly, the program explains the agile mindset through agile alliance, lean software development, and avoiding handoffs.

Secondly, it embraces the mindset with scrum. This is accomplished by using the Simple Lean-Agile Mind Map, SLAM.

The syllabus then employs practices from Kanban and eXtreme programming. An agile scale for the enterprise is created using the Large Scale Scrum, LeSS.

Finally, the organization is rewired with business agility using product flow and lean enterprise.

Coaching stances

Agile coaching stances are adopted into four different positions. These help the coach to position themselves in relation to the person they are helping.

The doctor

This stance enables the coach to view the person, team, or organization as a problem that needs to be fixed. It works well when the coach has the agility to diagnose a specific problem and offer a solution.

The expert

This stance views the problem as the situation and not the team or individual. This instance works well when the person receiving help has diagnosed and communicated their problem correctly. The coach is the only one who has the expertise to solve it.

A pair of hands 

This stance shows that the team or individual is fine and their situation as well. However, there is a problem that the coach needs to solve. It works well when the helper has the time and expertise to solve the problem.

The coach

This instance assumes that the individual or team is creative and resourceful as a whole. They are capable of finding answers. It works well when the person receiving help is willing to explore how they interact with their problematic situation.

Agile coaching benefits

Agile coaching has major advantages to those who learn about it. Its most outstanding pro is the ability to drive transformation, reinforcing change to ensure the team moves forward.

Experienced agile coaching comprehends the full spectrum of organizational experience, from client to C-suite executive.

It helps teams see the bigger picture as it possesses the necessary empathy and charisma. This institutes a more sustainable culture of continuous transformation.

It promotes a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation through training. This empowers effective work and maximum contribution.

This trade works to drive positive change in those around it.

Agile coach certification details

Agile Coach Certificate is charged at a fee of 249 Euros, and the medium of study is online. The exam usually lasts for sixty minutes, with a total of sixty questions per paper.

In order to pass this test, a minimum score of 70% of the questions is required. The language used in these tests is English with multiple and single choice questions. The tools permitted for revision are notes and training materials.

Upon completion of the online Accredited Agile Coach Certification, an official IFAAI certificate is awarded.

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