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War in Europe is ratcheting up as UK to send more British troops to Russia’s border and ‘it’s time to mobilise, be ready and be relevant’

29th Jun 22 12:23 pm

The British Prime Minster Boris Johnson has announced on Wednesday that the UK are sending more troops to the Russian border and warned Vladimir Putin that he can expect “more NATO, not less.”

Putin has been wanting less NATO on his borders, but due to his “unprovoked, illegal invasion of Ukraine,” the Russian leader will be “getting more NATO.”

NATO leaders from the 30-member alliance are meeting in Madrid today to work out their plans to send 300,000 troops to the Russian border as they are ready for “high readiness.”

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In total the 30-member alliance will send more than 260,000 troops to Eastern Europe on top of the current 40,000 forces who are already stationed in various countries withing the EU.

The British Prime Minister told NATO members, “The first lesson really from today is that if Vladimir Putin was hoping he would be getting less NATO on his western front as a result of his unprovoked, illegal invasion of Ukraine, he’s been proved completely wrong – he’s getting more NATO.

“This is a historic summit in many ways, but we’ve already got two new members coming in, Finland and Sweden, a huge step forward for our alliance.

“And what we’re going to be doing now is talking about what more we can do as an alliance to support the Ukrainians but what we also need to do to make sure that we think about the lessons of the last few months and the need for NATO to revise its posture on its eastern flank.”

British government officials said that the UK have committed to to send, land, air and sea troops creating a “new force model” and will provide additional “rapid reinforcements” when required.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, who is now the new chief of general staff warned the government that any further cuts to the size of the British Army will be “perverse.”

General Sanders said on Tuesday that he is focusing on mobilising the British Army to be “ready to fight and win alongside our NATO allies and partners” and to “act rapidly.”

He added we must deter Moscow which “means more of the army ready more of the time” and everybody “from the general in the main building to the young lance corporal in the barrack room, from the reservist on a weekend exercise to the civil servant in army headquarters.”

The Chief of General Staff said he has ordered the British Army to “get ready and train hard” and to focus on urban warfare.

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also warned, that “For too long defence has lived on a diet of smoke and mirrors, hollowed-out formations and fantasy savings when in the last few years threats from states have started to increase.

“It is now time to signal that the peace dividend is over and investment needs to continue to grow before it becomes too late to address the resurgent threat and the lessons learned in Ukraine.

“It is time to mobilise, be ready and be relevant.”

Johnson told reporters today, “We’ve already got in Estonia a very significant enhanced forward presence of two battlegroups.

“We’re working with premier Kaja Kallas on what we can do to be more supportive to Estonia, to help them operationally.”

The British Prime Minister added, “The NATO alliance keeps our people safe every day.

“But over the next 10-years the threats around us are only going to grow.

“We need allies – all allies – to dig deep to restore deterrence and ensure defence in the decade ahead.

“The 2% was always meant to be a floor, not a ceiling, and allies must continue to step up in this time of crisis.”

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