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Useful study tips for SMSTS

by LLB Reporter
6th May 15 11:44 am

If you are working or are interested in the construction industry, then you might have heard at least once about the SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme). It is in fact a health and safety program, also called the SMSTS training. It is a training course that is essential for specialists and it is highly recommended for supervisors and site managers.

It offers the knowledge basis for welfare, health, safety and environmental problems, plus it helps people understand the legal duties they have with the work tasks. However, it might seem like it’s hard to grasp, especially if you haven’t studied since you were in school. For this reason, we are offering you some useful study tips for your SMSTS:

Tip No. 1: Planning Your Time.

Needless to say, effective studying relies heavily on time management. You have to make sure that you have enough time available for learning the material you need for an exam. Leaving everything to the last minute will make you more anxious and stressed, which is not beneficial for your learning capacity. Routine helps a lot, so set an interval for learning each day.

Tip No. 2: Drink Enough Water.

Though this tip may seem odd here, the thing is that a good level of hydration helps you focus more. Moreover, water intake can help relieve stress and anxiety, which we all know that affect negatively the learning process. As such, make sure you are hydrated all the time, and especially when you are taking the exam.

Tip No. 3: Focus on What You Don’t Understand.

Sure it is easy to avoid the parts that you don’t understand too well, but this is actually counterproductive. Try your best to master all the topics you have to know for the exam. Remember that it is natural to have some information that requires more effort, while other parts stick with you immediately. The key here is your approach in dealing with them.

Tip No. 4: Remember to Take Breaks!

Though you might have the tendency to study hours in a row, this is not good for your brain. Offer yourself the chance to relax and to breathe every now and then. This might help you more than remaining focused for hours and hours. Simply think of something else, take a short walk or watch some funny clip to take your mind off studying.

Tip No. 5: Seek Online Help!

Nowadays there are lots of online resources for learning, schemes and even online courses and guides. Such an example is the WeDo Training website, where you can find more about SMSTS and useful resources. This might come in handy when you don’t understand something or need extra explanations!

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