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Ukraine are ‘fairly optimistic’ over the current situation on the ground and the fontlines are looking ‘pretty good’

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Oct 22 11:28 am

A Ukrainian MP has said she is “fairly optimistic” with the situation on the ground in Ukraine and the frontlines are looking “good.”

Speaking to Sky News Lesia Vasylenko MP said that every single Ukrainian is and has been affected by the war and “quick victory” is needed.

Vasylenko said, “I’m fairly optimistic and despite Putin trying to distract from the advances of the Ukrainian army in the east, the Ukrainian army is still advancing regardless of the annexation announcements, sham referendums all of that is absolutely meaningless when it comes to the Ukrainian military units coming forward and liberating people.

“It’s looking pretty good on the front lines for Ukraine, but of course, we are still reliant on the support from our allies.”

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The Chief of Defense Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has said that this “whole war won’t last that long.”

Kyrylo Budanov said that the war “will largely subside” during the winter and then “the end of this conflict will begin.”

Budanov said, “This whole war won’t last that long. It will end soon.”

Speaking about her family and fellow Ukrainians Vasylenko said,  “A quick victory is exactly what the whole world needs today we cannot be fighting this war for another year or years to come.

“The war does get to you. I have to live in the awareness that I am living this war, my family are living this war with me, however far they are out of the country in safety.”

“But every single Ukrainian will be affected and it’s the pain and tragedy in the aftermath that we will still have to deal with when Russia leaves Ukrainian land,” she added.

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