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UK government has the ‘strongest mandate of the whole of Europe’

by LLB Reporter
23rd Feb 20 4:14 pm

The former Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith has said the EUs unity is fast disintegrating ahead of Brexit talks and the UK government has the “strongest mandate of the whole of Europe.”

Smith who is a prominent Brexiteer said the “severe impact” Brexit will have on the bloc is literally “only just beginning to sink in.”

Speaking on BBC 5 Live, the former Tory leader said there is growing panic in Brussels as the European bloc may miss their deadline for their final “negotiating strategy,” which will be a “disaster” for the upcoming trade talks this week.

The deadline is less than two days away and it has been claimed that the EU still have not finalised their strategy as there are indecision with trade priorities and a deadlock over budget talks.

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Smith told BBC’s Adam Fleming programme, “Everyone talked about the EU as this great leviathan that was going to be completely united.

“They were united in the withdrawal agreement phase of the talks – but that was the easier phase of the talks for Brussels.”

Smith said, that when it comes to trade “different countries have different priorities” with the EU27.

He added, “Germany is massively worried about their manufacturing base, France is more worried about agriculture and fishing, and then you have rows about what to prioritise.

“With the UK, there is a single view and that makes it more focused for one country than a group of 27 countries.

“I listened to a French commentator who said it was only just now beginning to sink in to the EU just what happened when the UK left.

“The UK leaving is the equivalent of 18 smaller nations leaving at the same time. When you get to the budget, the contributions that the UK would have made are about €90bn.

“This is causing serious concerns and that is only for the budget. All that grandstanding about the EU being tough wasn’t true.

“It must be dawning on them now that the UK has a government with the strongest mandate of the whole of Europe, with an 80 seat majority.

“The EU can no longer appeal to Parliament to help them by asking them to undermine the British Government. That will get under the EU’s skin.

“The UK’s bottom line is that alignment cannot happen.”

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