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Trump gives the Queen an unusual handshake

by LLB Reporter
3rd Jun 19 3:11 pm

President Donald Trump delivered a different style of handshake with the Queen today, some people said his holding of the Queen’s hand, at first looked like a fist bump.

Judi James a body language expert suggested Trump was unable to get a proper grasp of the Queen’s hand as she usually only offers her fingertips and his “huge hands” did not help.

Chris Ship, ITV News Royal Editor said on Twitter, “At first I thought they were fist-bumping.”

James said, “Donald Trump is more inhibited when he’s shaking hands with the Queen.

“He was leaning forward from a distance, with a tentative pawing of her hand.

“The Queen only ever offers her fingertips so he couldn’t get a grasp. He probably wasn’t touching much more than her fingers.

“Because he’s got such huge hands, it probably does look like a fist bump.”

Adding, “It’s hilarious, watching the size differentiation between them is comedy gold.

“His huge hand was enveloping her tiny one. But she was quite happy, chuckling and laughing.”

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