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Tory MPs are ‘fighting each other like ferrets in a sack’ and ‘it’s hard to see how the Prime Minister survives’

by LLB political Reporter
21st Jan 22 10:40 am

The Welsh First Minister has said on Friday morning that he finds it difficult to see “how the Prime Minister survives” and he will “never escape the damage” done to his reputation.

Speaking to Sky News Drakeford accused Boris Johnson of not making announcements “driven by the science,” but in an “effort… to find a different headline.”

Drakeford added, “Conservative MPs have been fighting each other like ferrets in a sack this week and its hard to see how the Prime Minister survives.

“Even if he were to survive, he will just limp on because he’s never going to escape the damage that this week has done to his reputation.”

The Welsh First Minister said it worries him that the British government appears “frozen by the impact of what has happened to them.”

He added, “They’re just not able to make the sort of decisions you’d expect a government to make.”

He continued, “It is a government that’s turned in on itself and isn’t capable of doing the job that it was elected to do.”

On Thursday the government was accused by a top Tory of “blackmailing” other MPs to drop their no confidence votes against the Prime Minister.

William Wragg gave a bruising intervention at the Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, as there has been reports some MPs are now withdrawing their letters to the 1922 Committee.

On Friday Tory rebels who are trying to oust Johnson who are also known as the “pork pie plotters” are considering to release a recording of “heated” exchange with a government chief whip.

A Tory MP recorded a conversation with the chief whip Mark Spencer after voting against the government in 2021, and the Times has reported they are considering to release the recording to the public.

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