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Top four web design hacks to improve conversion rates

by John Saunders
4th Mar 20 3:01 pm

Beautiful web design is essential, but you should never lose sight of what your site was set up for. The primary role of a business website is to convert traffic into phone calls, lead-form submissions, sales, contact-form submissions, and physical-location visits.

Unless your target audience takes these actions, your business will not make income. Remember, the more conversions your business site produces, the higher the amount of revenue your business will be making. Here are the top five hacks web design secrets to boost conversion rates.

1. Follow Hick’s Law

According to William Edmund Hick, a British psychologist, the time it takes for a person to make a choice is directly proportionate to the choices that a person has. Thus, having many choices means that your target audience will need more time to make a choice.

Boost your website’s conversion rate by limiting the number of decisions your users must make. For instance, you don’t need too many links on the navigation bar. Otherwise, your readers will get confused about what they should check and lose interest.

2. Make use of negative space

In terms of website design, negative space refers to whitespace. On the other hand, positive space is space that contains all other elements on your website, such as images, videos, content, and more. Despite the negative nature of the term ‘negative space,’ it is a good thing for your website.

During the design phase, you should pay attention to all forms of white space and ensure that it serves to keep all forms of content scannable, legible, and easy to the eyes of the readers. This could lead to increased conversions. Now you understand why you should seek the web design services at Digital Silk or any other reputable marketing company.

3. Colour choice matters

Colour choice is an underrated aspect of website design. What most people don’t know is that color choice plays an integral role in site usability, conveys the overall meaning of your brand, and the overall mood of the website. Studies show that various color combinations can evoke different reactions and emotions.

When picking a color scheme for your site, be sure to pick a combination that evokes the specific emotions that you want your business or brand to convey. One way to achieve this is by curating a Pinterest board with the specific images that you want to reflect on the mission and vision of your brand.

4. Avoid bad surprises

It’s recommended to be straightforward about what your site users can expect in your business site. Avoid hidden fees and costs that pop up during your clients’ checkout process. For your users to take your desired action, they need first to see and understand a clear path to completion. And avoid discouraging surprises at the checkout.

Wrap up

Web design is evolving, and your site must please its audience. Improper colour combinations, overcrowded web pages, and hidden fees could be killing your site’s conversion rates.

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