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The US have bought the entire global supply of Covid-19 drug for July

by LLB Reporter
1st Jul 20 11:59 am

The US have bought up all available Remdesivir for July with 90% of stock for August and September, which is a drug for coronavirus

The drug is made almost exclusively by US pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences, which was originally made to treat Ebola.

Patients across Europe and the UK will not be able to receive Remdesivir for treatment until October.

Dr Andrew Hill from Liverpool University told Sky News, “This deal that’s been struck by America means that people with Covid-19 in the UK can’t get access to these treatments that would get them out of hospital quickly and might improve their chances of survival.

“So far, we know that for the next three months there will be no supplies of Remdesivir, America will take the drugs and we won’t have access to them. That’s the case in the UK and Europe.”

Dr Hill added, that low and middle income countries who produce a generic version of the Remdesivir, are not allowed to sell to the UK or Europe due to the Gilead patent.

Previously Health Secretary Matt Hancock described the drug as the “biggest step forward in the treatment of coronavirus since the crisis began.”

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