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Secrets of a compelling business web design

by Sarah Dunsby
17th Jul 18 12:26 pm

Nowadays, the concept of a business is incomplete without a compelling website. A persuasive webpage must have an intuitive layout and responsive design.

A poor website focuses on particular information about the business owner.
An impressive website provides information as per the demand of the market instead of supporting the marketing goals of a firm.
It should have information for the satisfaction of visitor’s and firm’s goals.
You can take advantage of several approaches for finding the information.
Intuitive: offer important information people need
Competitor: check the websites of your competitors and see the nature of information on their website
Historical: consider your former sales experience before sharing information on your site
Analytical: information should be based on the analysis of a website traffic
Goal-driven: provide content based on the marketing goals of a business
Partnership: create an alliance with the market and get their feedback to determine the information they want to read on your website

Intuitive approach

It is the weakest tactic that requires lots of time. It can be a stressful approach because you have to rely on guesses instead of substantial evidence. To follow this approach, you have to put yourself in the shoe of prospect customers. You have to think like your potential customer in the market and choose information about your products or services.
As an executive or business owner, you may face knowledge-induced bigotry. Sometimes important to you but could be useless for your customers and prospects. You will encounter this battle consistently while choosing important information for your website.

Historical approach

In this approach, you have to focus on old reviews, questions, and concerns during the past sales presentation. Based on historical data, you will get a chance to identify the critical market issues. Check the records of your previous sales to find out old sales trends. It will help you to evaluate the response of old customers about your products and services. You can ask the following questions from your salesforce:
What are the most frequent problems of customers about services and products?
How are you different from other firms providing similar services and products?
Explain the procedure involved to use and buy the services and products.
These questions will help you to identify vital information to grab the attention of the target market.

Goal-driven approach

With this approach, you can identify the marketing needs of your firms. If you want to determine the goals of your business, you should break your business into categories of service or products. You have to establish separate goals for every category. For instance, a consultant or author can find the answer to these questions:
How many books do you desire to sell over the web to new readers every month?
How many books do you want to sell to your old readers?
How much demand for details about communication engagements do you wish to generate every month?
How much demand do you want for your consulting services every month?
After identifying your objectives, you have to determine information that your market may need to accomplish important goals. For instance, if you desire to sell 30 books, you must include a comprehensive table of content, reviews from loyal and satisfied customers and sample chapters. After establishing your objectives, it becomes easy to identify the necessary information to achieve these objectives.

Competitor approach

You should not develop your website in isolation from your opponents. There are numerous reasons to monitor the sites of your competitors closely:
You have to ensure that your site is dramatically different from your competitors. If your main competitor uses red, you must use blue. If they are using a serif typeface, you must consider a serif typeface sans. Make sure to discriminate your marketing communication from your competitors.
You will need a Web Design Review to evaluate the design of your competitors’ site. By looking at your competitors, you can get an idea of categories for your website. In some scenarios, you have to check the promotions and prices on the website of your competitor. You can’t be expensive or less qualified than your opponents.
Check the frequency of updates on the website of your competitors. Monitoring the site of your competitor will provide you a clue of update frequency. If your competitor is updating his website weekly, you should follow this trend too. If you fail to do so, you are sending a less proficient image.

Analytical approach

An advanced approach requires you to monitor the performance of a business website. Traffic reports of a site may provide you with essential information:
Number of visitors attracted to your home page
Pages that get maximum traffic
Pages that get maximum visits
Pages with the least traffic and visitors
Last page of your website visited by potential customers
This information is priceless and allows you to identify the essential pages of your site. You can locate exciting topics of your market. Website traffic reports will enable you to identify particular issues that are least significant for shorter and fewer visits.


The most beneficial approach is a partnership that allows you to ask the visitors of your website to evaluate the content of your site. Forms are an easy way to communicate with your customers to assess their dislikes and likes. Evaluations of visitors will directly go into the database of your website and allow easy assessment.

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