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Savanta ComRes Snap Poll: Four in five support latest lockdown

by LLB staff reporter
5th Jan 21 8:25 am

Four in five (79%) of English adults support the latest lockdown measures while just one in eleven (9%) oppose them, according to a new Snap Poll by Savanta ComRes.

The poll, conducted after the Prime Minister’s address to the nation at 8pm last night (Monday 4 January), shows high levels of support across all age groups, genders and political persuasions. Older people aged 55+ (87%) are more likely to support the latest measures compared to younger adults (70%), and 2019 Conservative voters (87%) are more likely to support the measures than 2019 Labour voters (76%).

The poll finds that half (53%) say that they’re more concerned about Coronavirus now than they were just four days ago on New Year’s Day, while six in ten (60%) say that they’re more concerned now than they were back in March when the first lockdown was announced.

Despite high levels of support for the lockdown, almost two in three (62%) say that the Government have responded too slowly to changes and developments, not just in this case, but more broadly throughout the pandemic. Just one in five (20%) say that the Government have responded at the right speed throughout.

Dissatisfaction with the Government is also highlighted by the three quarters (73%) who say that the Government’s Coronavirus strategy should be mostly or solely focused on stopping the spread of the virus at the expense of opening up the economy, but just 57%, 16 points fewer, say that such a strategy is currently being deployed by the Government.

Despite the Prime Minister’s address last night containing some positivity regarding the vaccine, and a heavy implication that only through a successful vaccination rollout would restrictions begin to be relaxed, half (51%) of English adults do not believe things will return to a pre-Covid normality before September, while a third (35%) do not expect things to return to normal before December.

And there is once again a sense from the public that the Government could go further still. More than seven in ten say that making entrants to the UK take Covid tests on entering the country (76%) and closing the UK’s border (71%) would be effective at stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Just half, by comparison, say that a curfew, similar to other countries, would be effective (49%).

Commenting on the findings, Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director at Savanta ComRes said, “It is not surprising that the public supports the latest lockdown to such an extent, given the previous levels of support for restrictions and the lack of support for their relaxation. Perhaps what is surprising is the fact that half say they’re more concerned about Covid-19 now than they were on New Year’s Day, undoubtedly impacted by the sudden escalation in measures announced by the Prime Minister.

“There are further indications in this poll too that the public are not as supportive of the Government’s overall strategy, with a perception that it has focused too much on opening the economy and not enough to stopping the spread of the virus and the Government has reacted too slowly to new developments throughout the course of the pandemic. Support for this lockdown far from equates to support for the Government and its record on the pandemic.”

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