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Russian’s ‘tortured captured Ukrainian special forces with pliers, hammers, electrocution’ and were ‘injected with unknown drugs’

by LLB staff reporter
29th May 22 11:29 am

Captured Ukrainian special forces soldiers were tortured by Russian soldiers in horrific acts of violence “during interrogations.”

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova said that captured Azov fighters were forced to have sexual intercourse by gay Russian soldiers as they taped their eyes put bags over their heads and tied their hands with rope.

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Russian troops transferred the Ukrainian military to pretrial detention centers in Taganrog and Voronezh.

The Human Rights commissioner said, “During a monitoring visit to a healthcare institution where the Ukrainian military released from captivity are located, they reported the facts of torture and ill-treatment by the occupiers.

“Most of the Ukrainian military personnel were taken prisoner by the occupiers near Mariupol. First they were kept in basements and outbuildings.

“Then they were transferred to guardhouse, pretrial detention center in Donetsk and penal colony No. 120, which are located in the temporarily occupied territory.”

Denisova added, “With particular cruelty, torture was applied to the officers of the Armed Forces and the fighters of the Azov special forces detachment.

“During interrogations, Ukrainian prisoners of war were put on their knees, beaten with a machine gun butt on their toes and open wounds.

“They used pliers, threw a noose around their necks and strangled them. In addition, they were tortured with electric current, beaten using hammers and kicking them.”

Russian interrogators injected the Ukrainian prisoners of war with unknown drugs starting with the letter “M” where they then lost their memory and lost consciousness.

She continued, “The invaders forced Ukrainian soldiers to learn the poem ‘Forgive us, dear Russians,’ the anthem of the Russian Federation, the history of the creation of the coat of arms and the flag of the Russian Federation, otherwise they used torture.

“Ukrainian female prisoners of war, who were kept in the Donetsk pretrial detention center, said that there were at least 17-20 of them in cells designed for 2-3 people.

“Instead of a bathroom there was a bucket.”

Medical assistance of the wounded Ukrainian special forces was not provided and the doctor examined them only before being transferred to the POW camp in Sevastopol, where assistance was provided by representatives of the ICRC.

“Ukrainians were not given water, only 1.5 liters per 30-40 people, they were limited in nutrition – on the territory of CADO, the daily ration consisted of a piece of bread and salo. Sometimes, giving meat, the occupiers mocked and said that it was ‘human’,” Denisova said.

“I appeal to the UN Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine to take into account these facts of Russian violations of the rights of citizens of Ukraine,” she added.

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