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Russian troops ‘disgruntled and betrayed’ and ‘abandoned’ left for days ‘without food or water’

by LLB political Reporter
4th Mar 22 12:56 pm

Russian troops are furious with Vladimir Putin as soldiers are “disgruntled” and feel “betrayed” as they have been “abandoned” and left with no vital supplies.

Troops have been left “without food or water” for days and no one has come to take them back home to Russia.

Russian soldiers have publicly said, “We haven’t eaten properly in three or four days! We are abandoned here for how many days? Three or four…

“We are waiting to be transported over the border. For three days we are being told we’ll be taken away, but no one is taking us home.”

“We are now being told to sign some paperwork, saying they want us fired, so they could cover themselves. No one agrees to their discussions.”

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The frustrated soldier adds, “We’ve been sleeping on the ground, without tents, without food or water.

“This is where we slept. Here. Our feet are all soaking. We don’t know what to do.

“This is how they work. They just want to cover their a***s. This is the Army of Russia!”

Michael Kofman, who is the director of Russia Studies at the CNA, an American nonprofit research organisation, said this is “another example of why morale is likely to be low among Russian forces.”

Kofman said, “poorly supplied troops, in bad conditions, who appear disgruntled and feel betrayed.”

Thousands of Russian soldiers who are in Ukraine have abandoned Putin’s invasion and are returning back to Russia on foot or surrendering because many have no food.

Journalist Paul Mason, it was reported that “there is at least one example of an entire unit leaving its vehicles and marching off.

“In one case into captivity and another, it appears, back to Russia on foot.”

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