Home Business News ‘Demoralised’ Russian troops ‘are stealing cars to try and escape’ the Ukraine war and are ‘refusing to fight’

‘Demoralised’ Russian troops ‘are stealing cars to try and escape’ the Ukraine war and are ‘refusing to fight’

28th Feb 22 3:29 pm

Russian troops are “stealing cars from civilians” and are trying “to escape” and thousands have turned over their “equipment to the Ukrainians and are “refusing to fight.”

Thousands of Russians are refusing to fight their neighbours as there are many who have “Ukrainian mothers” and “have spent a lot of time” in the country.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers spoke with a Ukrainian soldier, “He told me there are small groups of Russians still inside the city, but they are totally demoralised and are now stealing cars from civilians to try and escape.

“We watched as more Ukrainian troops entered from the South-East, close to the cities airport.

“The Ukrainians are bringing in more heavy weapons into Kharkiv, the battle isn’t over yet.

“Residents have been warned to stay at home under curfew, but some couldn’t resist coming out to see what was happening.”

A research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, Taras Kuzio Tweeted,”Ukrainian News Channel 24: 5,000 Russian soldiers in staging area in Russia, north of Kharkiv have revolted and refusing to attack Ukraine.”

Kuzio added, “Earlier report from front lines around Crimea is 1/2 of Russian soldiers turned over equipment to the Ukrainians, again refusing to fight.”

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said, “This is an army and a leadership, rather than an army who doesn’t really care much about its soldiers and its conscripts.

“We’ve seen right now it isn’t working and there are many reports of Russians either deserting or surrendering.

“Because they are confused as much as anyone, as to why they are engaged in a war with people they’re probably related to.

“There are lots of people who have Ukrainian mothers or who have spent lots of time [in Ukraine].”

The Governor of Kharkiv Oblast, Oleh Synyehubov wrote on Facebook, “The Russian soldiers, who were taken captive, talk about total extortion and demoralisation, they have nothing to do with the central command, do not understand and do not know their further actions.

“Since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine they do not receive food and water, the technology has no fuel supplies.”

A Belarusian Lieutenant Colonel has told his troop not to fight in Ukraine because this is “not our war” declaring mutiny on Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko.

Putin is facing his own mutiny as thousands are saying up yours and are fleeing to avoid mandatory military conscription with many Russian troops downing weapons.

Sakhashchyk Valery Stepanovych, a retired Belarus lieutenant colonel said “lads in blue vests” that are “sitting in forests” on the Belarus Ukraine border who are ready to invade Ukraine, warned that “many would not return home.”

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