Redacted Brexit report: David Davis cleared of contempt of parliament


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The UK’s Brexit secretary David Davis will not be held in contempt of Parliament for refusing to release full Government studies on the possible impact of Brexit.

The secretary had faced calls from furious MPs to be given the reprimand after he reportedly redacted large parts of the 800-page study into Britain’s looming departure.

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MPs voted at the start of the month for a motion which required the Government to provide the committee with Brexit impact assessments relating to 58 different sectors of the British economy.

However, when the government submitted lawmakers a hard copy of the report, it had some parts redacted. Following this,MPs accused Davis of treating Parliament with contempt for withholding information about the economic impact of Brexit.

Speaking in Parliament today, Commons Speaker John Bercow said it was ‘most regrettable’ that Davis ‘unilaterally excised some material from the papers which he provided’. But but said he is not in contempt.