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Putin recruits prisoners offering ‘money and pardons’ to fight who are ‘told their bodies will not be given to their relatives if killed’

by LLB staff reporter
6th Jul 22 3:03 pm

Vladimir Putin is getting desperate and is offering prisoners “money and pardons” if they fight in Ukraine and have been told they will not have any documents, a badge and if they are killed their  “bodies will not be given to their relatives.”

Putin’s army is in a desperate state as he is running low on senior military commanders as they have either been killed or injured and the Kremlin are now bringing old men who have long retired along with reservists to replace the dead cannon fodder.

But now Putin is recruiting inmates who are told if the inmates survive for six months of fighting they will be offered their freedom and will be paid £2,6000 and the prisoners told their families that “almost no one will return.”

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If they are killed then the new recruits have been told their families will receive a payout of around £66,000 if they are killed in action, whether or not this will happen remains to be seen.

Russian investigative journalists at iStories reported the news and said that inmates from at least three prisons in St Petersburg and Leningrad.

The mercenary group Wagner who have close ties to Putin are the recruiters who are bribing the prisoners to be cannon fodder in Ukraine.

An anonymous relative told iStories. “So-called ‘inspectors’ came to Yablonevka [a prison in St Petersburg] on Friday evening.

“They talked to convicts and asked them to ‘defend Motherland’….

“My relative was told this: ‘It is very hard to find Nazis, they are prepared very well.

‘“You will be in vanguard, help find the Nazis – this is why not everyone will return’.”

The Wagner Group said around 20% of the recruits will return, but they then later said “almost no one will come back.”

They added, “Those who survive are promised a reward of 200,000 roubles [£2,600] and an amnesty.

“And if he dies, they promise to pay the family 5 million rubles [£66,000].

“But this is all words, it will not be recorded anywhere on paper.”

Initially the mercenary group only considered inmates with military experience, they then allowed the scheme to apply to all prisoners serving less than 20-years and 40 were recruited out of 200 applicants.

Another relative of a prisoner said, “My loved one wanted to agree, but we, relatives, threw a tantrum.

“Now he swears that he will not go, but he definitely hesitates, because he sees this as an opportunity to earn money.

“He said, ‘If the worst happens, I will earn you the money for an apartment’.”

Vladimir Osechkin who is the exiled founder of Russian anti-corruption campaigners Gulagu.net, who said his sourced confirmed that the Security Service FSB officers are “currently recruiting volunteers for Donbas among prisoners.”

Osechkin added, that the prisoners “are openly told that they will have neither documents nor a badge, and their bodies will not be given to their relatives [if they are killed in action.]”

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