Home Business News Putin orders school children as young as eight to send food parcels to starving Russian troops in Ukraine

Putin orders school children as young as eight to send food parcels to starving Russian troops in Ukraine

27th Mar 22 1:42 pm

Vladimir Putin has ordered school children to send food parcels and “collect essential items for Russian soldiers” as they are starving in Ukraine and have nothing to eat.

Russian troops have throughout the war been short on food, fuel and other supplies due to the ongoing logistical problems.

Now Putin has instructed school children to put together food parcels for his soldiers in the 22nd Special Forces Brigade who are in Ukraine.

Moscow sent written instructions to children at a school in Rostov-on-Don to send one kilogram of sweets, two to three pieces of chocolate, one can of sweet condensed milk, three packets of dried fruit, as well as coffee and tea.

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The shopping lost included for them to send razor blades for shaving and two pairs of socks.

The school children had to write on their parcels, “A sweet gift to our Russian-hero soldiers.”

Lyubov Sobol who is a leading anti-corruption campaigner and colleague of Alexey Navalny said, that she wonders why the Kremlin are unable to afford to feed their troops, after Moscow has spent 3.5trn rubles (£26b) on defence so far this year.

She wrote, “At school № 61 in Rostov-on-Don, eight-year-old children (!) collect essential items for Russian soldiers.

“Last year, the government planned to spend 3.5 trillion rubles from the federal budget on defence in 2022.

“Where is the money going? Spent on Putin’s yacht?”

Russian commanders are also “pushing” troops “to be nasty” so that they can get food from Ukrainian villagers. Reporter John Sweeney who is in Ukraine said in his online video diary last week of the war described the situation on the ground first hand.

Sweeney reported, “I’ve spoken to a taxi driver who said the village is saying the Russian soldiers are coming up to them and saying, have you got any food?

“And the other thing that’s happening at the same was they’re not aggressive… it’s their commanders pushing them to be nasty.

“But the individual Russian soldiers are kind of, please can help us and give you some food.

“So, Vladimir Putin’s got a problem, that he’s launched this invasion but his soldiers are hungry and they don’t want to fight.”

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