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Over half a million told to self-isolate across England in week by NHS Covid app

15th Jul 21 2:13 pm

The NHS Covid app has pinged 520,194 people across England telling them to self-isolate in the week to 7 July, after being in close contact with a person who has tested positive.

This is the highest weekly number since the data started in January, which is up by 46% from 356,677 the previous week.

The Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick said on Thursday that they are “concerned” over the hig volume of people being told to self-isolate.

Speaking to LBC radio, Jenrick said “It is important that we have the app, that we take it seriously, that when we do get those messages we act accordingly.

“But we are going to give further thought to how we can ensure it is a proportionate response.”

Some companies have 20% of their staff off work as a result of the NHS Covid app and some “factories are on the verge of shutting.”

The manufacturing union Unite have warned that some factory sites have “hundreds of staff off work.”

Assistant general secretary Steve Turner said, “No one is advocating for coronavirus controls to go out the window and Unite’s number one priority remains the health and safety of our members.

“But the reports Unite is receiving from our members and their employers are extremely worrying.

“It is not an exaggeration to say factories are on the verge of shutting and that at some sites hundreds of staff are off work.

“We know that industry leaders are keen to adopt a trial currently being held at a major car maker to safely reduce self-isolation absences to prevent the sector from being crippled.

“It is clear that something has to be done in time for July 19, or else people will simply start deleting the app en masse to avoid isolation notices.

“There will be public health consequences if test and trace becomes seen as a nuisance rather than an infection control measure.”

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