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NTIA demands government ends the uncertainty for night time economy businesses

by LLB political Reporter
5th Jul 21 10:06 am

Following positive signs from Ministers and Advisors on key benchmarks around the transmission of the virus and subsequent low levels of hospitalisation and mortality the NTIA ask Government to end the uncertainty for thousands of businesses and workers in the Night Time Economy this week by confirming the scheduled opening of the 19th July.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA said, “Night Time Economy businesses have waited patiently for their opportunity to open for over 16 months, losing over £80 Billion in annual revenue from the sector.”

“Everyday our industry has had to live with this uncertainty, distressed industries cannot continue to be held in limbo, the Government must confirm its intentions this week to allow businesses to prepare as early as possible.”

“We should not underestimate the importance of the 19th July to these businesses, employees, entertainers and freelancers, a day when they should be given there opportunity to trade, regain their livelihoods, careers, social well being and the day that the Government is due to give culture back to the UK”

“Many have not survived, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, a huge pool of talent has been swept away and others have been left to suffer extreme financial hardship”

“These businesses and individuals have adapted, overcome and survived for an exceptional length of time with the bare bones of support.”

“We have suffered enough and need the Government to confirm we will be able to open our businesses on the 19th July without further delay .”

NTIA are also calling for the government to immediately review and amend its test and trace guidelines on self isolation as hundreds of businesses are having to close due to staff testing positive.

Kill added, “If we continue down this road we will be besieged by individual business lockdowns, hindering the recovery of the sector as we start to ease restrictions”

“We are being inundated with businesses having to close due to staff being notified by Test and Trace, meaning thousands of workers are having to be sent home under the current isolation guidelines.”

“The Government needs too consider amendments to the current guidelines to include a ‘Test and Release’ scheme instead, saving thousands of businesses and jobs across the sector”

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