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NATO chief warns there’s a ‘real risk’ Putin’s ‘aggression will not end’ with Ukraine as Bulgaria comes under fire

by LLB political Reporter
14th Dec 23 12:19 pm

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has warned that there is a “real risk” that Vladimir Putin will not stop with Ukraine.

NATO allies must continue to support Ukraine because if Putin secures a victory over Kyiv then Moscow will not stop and an EU country could be next.

Stoltenberg said, “If Putin wins in Ukraine, there is real risk that his aggression will not end there. Our support is not charity. It is an investment in our security.

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“The only way to reach a just and lasting solution is to convince President Putin that they will not win on the battlefield.

“And the only way to ensure that President Putin realises that he is not winning on the battlefield is to continue to support Ukraine.”

This comes as tensions between Bulgaria and Russia have escalated as Sofia have demolished an iconic Soviet Army monument.

This has sparked strong warnings from Moscow and Putin has threatened that Bulgaria “will pay” because they are on the “wrong side of history.”

The iconic monument has stood for seven decades, it symbolises the Soviet dominance over Bulgaria.

Russian Foreign Ministry, with spokeswoman Maria Zakharova who is Putin’s barking dog, has threatened Sofia saying their “shameful decision” will cause consequences.

She barked, “Bulgaria again, as has happened more than once, chooses the wrong side of history. Bulgaria will have to fully pay the consequences of this shameful decision.”

President Rumen Radev said he is concerned over Russia’s “aggressive offensive against statehood, history, and memory.”

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