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Biden urges Congress to approve funding for Ukraine or they’ll ‘give Putin the greatest Christmas gift’

by LLB political Reporter
13th Dec 23 11:30 am

The US President has strongly urged Congress to provide Ukraine with further funding before the holiday recess and warned that if this does not happen then this will give “Vladimir Putin the greatest Christmas gift.”

Biden told Congress that “we have seen what happens when dictators are not punished” and that Putin poses a “threat to America, to Europe” and the world.

Biden held talks in Washington DC on Tuesday with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the urgent need for military aid funding.

The US President told Congress, “We have seen what happens when dictators are not punished for the deaths and destruction they cause. They keep going.

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“The threats to America, to Europe, and the world will only keep rising if we don’t act. And I intend that we act.”

President Zelensky said that the Ukrainian Ground Forces “prove every day that Ukraine can win.

He added, “Our forces are advancing, and we have successfully defeated Russia in the Black Sea, and Russia is hiding the remnants of its navy at a remote base.

“Meanwhile, Ukraine has created an export corridor in the Black Sea, which really stimulates our economy and global food security.”

Our goals for 2024 are clear – to deprive Russia of superiority and disrupt its offensive operations. And I think this is real,” Zelensky stressed.

We also need to work faster with frozen Russian assets, more than 300 billion frozen terrorist assets, and we must use them to protect against Russian terrorism.

“And I want to talk about some details regarding our reforms and integration into the EU.”

President Zelensky told Biden that Ukraine cannot give up their territories to Russia as Ukrainians who live in the occupied regions are “an integral part of our society.”

He said, “The question is not only in our words and what we are thinking about. The question is what we are ready for and what we are not ready for.

“How can Ukraine give up its territories? It’s just nonsense and stupidity.

“We are talking about the fact that there are [in the territories occupied by the Russian Federation] our Ukrainians, our children, families, who are an integral part of our society there.

“There our people become victims of torture, rape, they are being killed.”

He added, “it is difficult to understand what political players and forces have an idea to offer Ukraine to give up its territories and people, their stories and memory.”

Zelensky said that he has held many conversations with both sides of representatives of US Congress.

He said, “Both of them assure of their support. In any case, we have never doubted the support of our strategic partnership from the United States and that the support will end, so Ukraine will not remain face-to-face with the terrorist, which is the Russian Federation.”

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