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Motorists warned fuel prices are set to hit an all time high by Christmas

by LLB staff reporter
6th Oct 21 4:12 pm

Motorists are being warned that fuel prices are going to hit an all time high by Christmas, which is nothing to do with the shortages.

Military personnel were drafted in to help deliver fuel across the country as part of Operation Escalin, which has been successful.

Pump prices have already risen with one garage in West London putting the price up to almost £3 a litre, but the RAC has warned the worst is yet to come.

Petrol Retailers Association spokesperson said, “The situation is improving in London and the South East, with 64% of the sites surveyed having both grades of fuel, with 21% having one grade, and 15% being dry.”

Motorists have been paying £12 more to fill a tank of unleaded petrol due to soaring international oil prices.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams warned, “The rising cost of a barrel of oil is causing further pain at the pumps.”

In 2012 the price record of 142.48p a litre is due to be broken before 2022, the RAC believe as it could hit a record high.

During September figures show unleaded petorl had risen by 22p a litre over the last year, which is now 5.65p away from the record high.

Figures also showed that Diesel is 8.68p a litre short of its 2012 record high of 147.93p a litre.

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