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Labour is alarmed by the Army using Corbyn image for target practice

3rd Apr 19 11:39 am

Labour has said on Wednesday morning, the image used as target practice by the Parachute Regiment is “alarming and unacceptable.”

A “shocking” and disturbing video has gone viral across social media that clearly shows soldiers of the British Parachute Regiment, shooting a picture of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the head.

The video shows a number of soldiers from the Parachute Regiment taking aim down the range then firing, the video also has a graphic of “happy with that.”

The British Army has confirmed that an investigation has been launched.

Nia Griffith, shadow defence secretary slammed the video she described it as “shocking and completely unacceptable.”

“Right that the Army is carrying out a full investigation.”

The Labour party spokesman said, “This behaviour is alarming and unacceptable. We have confidence in the Ministry of Defence to investigate and act on this incident.”

Politicians have hit out at the video and are “shocked” and have called this video “utterly unacceptable.”

Dan Jarvis, Labour MP who is also a former Paratrooper, said the incident is “shameful and utterly unacceptable.”

He added, “This goes against the values and standards of the British Army. I welcome the Ministry of Defence investigation into this video and trust it will be resolved quickly.”

Lucy Powell, Labour MP said she is “absolutely shocked,” and the behaviour of the personnel is a “total disgrace and utterly unacceptable.”

Adding, “Not least emerging the day after someone was convicted of trying to murder an MP.”

Shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner branded the video as “absolutely disgraceful.”

Adding, “I hope the investigation will be conducted thoroughly and the conclusions made public.

“Political tensions are heightened at the moment and this type of behaviour is wholly inappropriate and unacceptable, we expect much better from our Army and soldiers.”

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