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Israel attacks Lebanon in waves of airstrikes killing civilians

14th Feb 24 4:02 pm

Israel has launched “waves of attacks” in Lebanon which comes as the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) are stepping up their fight as Hezbollah.

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has been relentlessly firing a barrage of rockets at Israel since Hamas attacked Southern Israel in a terrorist attack killing more than a thousand innocent civilians which shocked the world.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Higari said: “IDF fighter jets began an extensive wave of attacks in Lebanese territory, more details later.”

The strikes happened after an Israeli soldier was killed with several left wounded after a rocket fired from Lebanon hit Safed, a town in northern Israel.

In a village in southern Lebanon a woman and two children were reportedly killed as a result of the Israeli strikes and another rocket hit a home causing more casualties.

Hezbollah has warned Israel that attacks will not stop until they stop their “aggression” in the Gaza Strip where more than 28,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli military operations since October 2023.

The IDF said in a statement, “A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck a series of Hezbollah terror targets in the areas of Jabal el Braij, Houneh, Dunin, Aadchit and Souaneh.

“Among the targets struck were military compounds, operational control rooms, and terror infrastructure used by Hezbollah terrorists.

“Several targets belonged to the Redwan Forces.”

Adding, “The IDF struck the sources of the fire. As a result of the launches, an IDF soldier was killed, and several other IDF soldiers were injured.

“The soldiers were evacuated for medical treatment at a hospital, their families have not yet been informed.”

Fire and Rescue in Safed said: “Firefighters from the Galilee-Golan regional station worked in the last hour to put out a fire in a building in the northern city of Safed as a result of a direct hit by rocket fire from Lebanon.

“The teams, under the command of Reshef Oshri Almakais, worked to extinguish the fire, search for trapped people, and cut off power sources.”

Mateh Asher Regional Council head Moshe Davidovitz added: “The north this morning is under a flood of missiles. I suggest the government and its leader wake up. The head of the Radwan Force spits on us time and time again, and we think it’s rain. I repeat: without security, there is no north!'”

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