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Investigation launched into EU Referendum spending

24th Feb 17 11:52 am

How much was spent?

An investigation has been launched into spending on the leading campaigns during the EU Referendum, the campaigns involved are Strong In and Vote Leave.

The Electoral Commission announced the investigations after it revealed the total figures showing how much was spent, the number sat at £32m. This made it the most expensive referendum in British history.

The details of groups which spent £250,000 or more shows that the major Remain Campaign spent a total of £16.2m and Vote Leave spent £11.5m.

Once these totals were combined with smaller spenders which were released in November. It found that the Remain campaign outspent the Leave Campaign by a margin of £19,070,566 to £13,436,241.

Bob Posner, director of political finance for the Electoral Commission said: “It is disappointing that some campaigners, including both lead campaigners, appear to have not fully reported all their spending as they should have.”

“Missing spending details undermines transparency and makes the returns harder for the public to understand.”

“Where it appears, campaigners have not fulfilled their legal obligations, we have begun and will continue to take action to deal with this.”

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