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Here’s how the newspapers reacted over Theresa May’s Brexit votes

by LLB Reporter
26th Mar 19 11:21 am

The ongoing Brexit saga continues to battle on and capture the headlines around the UK, today’s newspapers have given their verdict over Theresa May’s Brexit developments.

The Times newspaper warns the UK is “sliding towards further stalemate” as the PM struggles to retain power.

The font page says, “the prime minister humiliated by Tory rebellion” and the “Cabinet prepares for snap election.” MPs backed a plan to hold votes on alternatives to May’s deal.

The Times says, “Yet parliament’s attempt to take control could yet plunge the country into even deeper crisis.

Adding, “The reality is that unless parliament votes to accept Mrs May’s deal this week, parliament and the government are likely to face a stalemate.”

The Daily Telegraph’s front page seems to suggest the PM was left “powerless” after the vote in the Commons.

The newspaper criticises May over the EU withdrawal will not be happening this Friday, they said it is a “monumental failure of the political process.”

The Daily Telegraph reflects over the confusion as to how Brexit could unfold, they wrote, “We may be leaving without a deal on May 21; more likely we will be staying in for longer.

“Possibly, we will not be leaving at all. We just don’t know because the Government has lost control of matters.”

While the Daily Mail’s front page warns MPs seize control over the Brexit agenda, the paper describes the possibility of a general election as an “equally unappealing alternative.”

Adding, “For the Brexiteers, the ship is finally sailing.

“If they don’t get on board, they risk losing the deal, the Government and their country. It could not be more imperative that they come to their senses.”

The Mail further writes that May’s deal “cannot be abandoned” as it is the “only exit door.”

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