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Get on your bike and save up to £900 on fuel as the cost of living bites

by LLB Reporter
1st Jun 22 8:23 am

In the current cost of living crisis, more and more people are looking for ways to save money. Studies have shown on average people can save up to £900 a year on fuel by cycling to work.

It depends on what type of vehicle it is replacing, but these savings don’t include the costs of tax, maintenance, or the vehicle itself, so the total amount people save could be much, much bigger.

“There are lots of great benefits to cycling to work” says Lindsay-Jane Vines, President of Thane UK and North America. “Cycling not only benefits your health significantly more than driving, but also makes a huge difference to your carbon footprint”.

And with World Bicycle Day coming up Friday the 3rd of June, TV home shopping retailer Thane UK is keen to encourage people to consider swapping their car for a bicycle more often. Because cycling burns calories rather than cash.

Cycling is healthier

Cycling is a simple way to get people moving, get their blood pumping, and their lungs working. It helps strengthen muscles and keeps the heart strong. Riding can be done at one’s own pace, whether that is a bit of gentle exercise a few times a week or a daily commute to work. Either way, cycling can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, and more.

Improve the health of the planet

According to research by guardians of the National Cycle Network, Sustrans, at least 5 million UK car trips a year could be eliminated by using a bike, a potential saving of 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This puts cycling at the very top of the list of actions humans can take to reduce CO2 emissions.

And it’s much easier to store too

Let’s face it, a bicycle takes up much less storage than a car would. But if households have not got much space to store a bike, there is no need to worry. Thane UK have come up with a simple and affordable solution. “The Thane Bike Nook cleverly locks your bike into place in a ‘handstand’ position. This means you can keep your bike indoors even in a flat or apartment, knowing it won’t scratch the walls, doors, or ceilings. Plus, it’ll save you roughly 3½ feet of floor space, wherever you decide to store your bike” explains Vines. The Bike Nook is also a reassuring cycling accessory for those concerned about the rise in bike theft.

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