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From Laura Robson to Waitrose: 5 victims of deadly Dave’s “Curse of Cameron”

by LLB Reporter
2nd Jul 13 11:45 am

The PM’s backing has often been a curse for sports stars and businesses

Many Brits were distraught when British tennis ace Laura Robson was knocked out of the Wimbledon tennis tournament by Estonia’s Kaia Kanepi yesterday.

Robson still managed to achieve the marker of being the first British woman to make the second week for 15 years, although her loss to Kanepi was sad news for many fans – including the Prime Minister.

“Bad luck @laurarobson5 – you did Britain proud,” he tweeted to her. It would have been bitter news even for Cameron, who had wished her best wishes just hours before the match.

Sadly for Robson, she isn’t the first person to suffer the jinx of David Cameron’s backing.

Businesses, presidents and other sport stars have all felt the “Curse of Cameron”.

1.  Waitrose



Plush supermarket chain Waitrose welcomed the Prime Minister to their Berkshire HQ on January 5, 2012. Executives must have been delighted with Cameron presenting the chain with a Big Society Award for its Community Matters scheme, through which donations are made to local charities picked by shoppers. Cameron rounded off his praise for Waitrose with a special hope: “I wish them every success over the coming year.”

Unfortunately for Waitrose, Cameron’s wishes of success were somewhat marred by the announcement two months later that staff would see their annual bonuses cut for the first time in three years due to a fall in profits. This meant a bonus pay out of 14%, rather than 18% in the previous year.

2.  (Ex-)President Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

Nicolas Sarkozy, then French President, must have been thrilled by the “entente cordiale” with the British Premier when Cameron came out as a Sarkozy backer. On February 17 2012, Cameron gushed to his “friend”, who was facing re-election: “We’ll be following your fortunes on the campaign train and I wish you luck.”

What luck! Sarkozy crashed to defeat at the hands of Socialist contender Francois Hollande three months later, with Cameron rushing to slap down any suggestions that he wasn’t a fan of Hollande.

3. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton gets on the phones

Lewis Hamilton gets on the phones

Racing ace Lewis Hamilton suffered a Cameron curse back in 2007.

Lewis Hamitlon, then a 22-year old boy wonder, was set to take the crown of his debut F1 season until October 21, when Cameron chillingly warned: “I’ve got confidence in you”.

The result? Hamilton only needed to come fifth to clinch the title, but lost out on the crown by a point.

4. Warburtons

On April 7, 2010, David Cameron hosted a Q&A with staff of the Bolton branch of the Warburtons bakery.

All very jolly and jovial, with Cameron rounding off telling workers that he’ll be heading back to the supermarket to pick up more of their loaves.

The consequences were dire for the breadmakers, who suffered a huge fire at their Bolton base three months later, followed by another one at their Oldham bakery later in 2010.

5. The espionage drama Spooks

On October 2, 2010, Cameron decided to out himself as a fan of the BBC TV spy series Spooks, saying:  “There was a wonderful moment when Samantha said: “Does the head of MI5 really talk to the Home Secretary like that?” I hope not!”

Cameron’s viewing of the show didn’t help it too much, as Spooks was axed just months later.

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