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Former British diplomat told Putin ‘to stay away’ from Queen’s state funeral and ‘it was right not to invite him’

by LLB political Reporter
19th Sep 22 3:01 pm

A former British diplomat Sir Kim Darroch who previously served as the National Security Advisor had the task of telling Vladimir Putin to “stay away” from the Queen’s state funeral.

The Kremlin despot was among a few other problematic world leaders who were not invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral.

Sir Kim who was also the UK permanent Representative to the European Union explained why it was “not right” to invite the Kremlin dictator.

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Sir Kim told Times Radio: “Putin of course also paid a state visit… I think in 2003, shortly after he took over the presidency of Russia.

“There is a difference with Putin, he’s invaded another country and has caused the destruction, a semi-destruction of a country.

“And the death of tens of thousands of people, there is a line that’s been crossed with Putin and so I think that is different.

“And I think it was right not to invite him.”

The Kremlin hit back and then accused the British of settling “settle scores with our country.”

Russia described the decision not to invite Putin as “profoundly immoral” and “blasphemous.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, “We view this British attempt to use a national tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world for geopolitical purposes to settle scores with our country during the days of mourning as profoundly immoral.

“This is especially blasphemous to the memory of Elizabeth II, who is known to have served during World War II in the territorial defence ranks of the British Armed Forces fighting the Nazis.”

Then in an act of vengeance Putin then attempted to discredit the Queen by releasing a “fake” video of the late monarch purporting to show Her Majesty throwing scraps of food to African children.

Russian TV presenter Olga Skabeeva said, “To understand what Queen Elizabeth was like. This footage shows the Queen in her younger years.

“And this is how she gave food to the children of the enslaved people in Africa.

“Just look at that kindness. As though they were animals in a zoo.”

Skabeeva added, “This video embodies the way the West and Anglo Saxons behave towards everyone else in the world.”

Fake History Hunter wrote, “That’s not ‘the Queen’ and those are not African children.

“These are two French women in French Indochina (now Vietnam) at least two decades before Elizabeth II was even born.

“They’re also not throwing food but little coins on a string.”

Political relations between the UK and Russia are at an all time low following Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine on 24 February and even more so as under Boris Johnson’s government Britain took the lead by sending weapons to Ukraine and training their troops.

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